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Phil Querin Q&A

Question:  A family moves into a manufactured housing community with a thirteen year old boy.  Five years later the parents vacate the home but leave the boy who is now eighteen. Even though the eighteen year old was never subject to…

Mark Busch Q&A

  Question:  We want to raise rent for our RV tenants because we have not raised the rent in over two years.  We know there are new rules, but what are they?

Property Management

  Introduction and Background SB 586 was developed by the Manufactured Housing Landlord/Tenant Coalition during 19 meetings (each of approximately 3 hours) from September 2017 through February, 2019. There are several pieces to SB 586; however, this Q…

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Community Updates

January 16, 2020
Editor's Note:  The following article was provided by Northwest ark Brokerage. For more information on manufactured home communities for sale or an assessment…
January 14, 2020
By The Editorial Board (Wall Street Journal)  Jan. 5, 2020 5:35 pm ET Politicians bemoan the lack of affordable housing, but their policies often create the…
January 6, 2020
  Introduction.  As most MHCO members may remember, ORS 90.630 had a “one-size-fits-all” approach to tenant violations. There was a 30-day cure period for all…

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