MHCO Form 42: 72-Hour Notice To Vacate For Non Payment of Rent
MHCO Form 14: Unilateral Amendment to the Rental Agreement for Sub-Metering

Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon (MHCO) is the largest organization in Oregon representing owners of manufactured housing communities. MHCO provides its members a wide variety of information vital to the successful operation of a manufactured home community: from Fair Housing issues to the latest developments in the Oregon Legislature that directly impact your ability to operate your community in Oregon. MHCO is also the community owner's watchdog and advocate in the Oregon Legislature. Membership Benefits

Phil Querin Q&A

January 22, 2015
Question: An occupant lives in a home that is sub leased from her father. The father, who is the official tenant on the lease, does not live in the home.  The occupant has been in the house...

Mark Busch Q&A

November 26, 2014
Question:  We have been a little lax in keeping some of our RV tenants on track with their rent and late charges.  It has to stop.  How do we collect the money these tenants owe the...

Property Management

January 20, 2015
  As a Manufactured Home Park owner, there are many things to consider in regards to water submeter conversion in Oregon. “To Submeter or Not to Submeter?” 

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