Phil Querin Q&A

April 24, 2019
  Question:  We would like to start requiring residents with pets to take out $250,000 in insurance with our managers name on the insurance policy.  Can we require this of residents already in the park?  We have looked at Form 21 (...

Mark Busch Q&A

April 8, 2019
  Question:  We have an RV tenant in our park who we would like to evict to bring in a mobile home on the space.  The RV tenant is month-to-month and has lived here for several years.  Can we issue a no-cause eviction notice...

Property Management

March 28, 2019
     There is a new documentary on President Carter’s Camp David Accords.  At Camp David, the president brought two warring countries to the negotiation table.  The parties met daily, all day, every day until they reached and...

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Mark L. Busch

Community Updates

April 11, 2019
We crossed a significant threshold this week in the Oregon Legislature with a number of bills going to the legislative graveyard.  MHCO is tracking and...
April 9, 2019
On February 28, 2019 SB 608 (rent control) was signed into law.  MHCO has received numerous questions regarding the new statute.  We asked MHCO Legal...
February 28, 2019
  Oregon Governor Kate Brown has signed SB 608 (rent control) into law.  The new law is effective 2-28-19.  MHCO has reviewed the applicable MHCO forms...