Manufactured Housing Communities of Oregon (MHCO) is the largest organization in Oregon representing owners of manufactured housing communities. MHCO provides its members a wide variety of information vital to the successful operation of a manufactured home community: from Fair Housing issues to the latest developments in the Oregon Legislature that directly impact your ability to operate your community in Oregon. MHCO is also the community owner's watchdog and advocate in the Oregon Legislature. Membership Benefits

Phil Querin Q&A

March 30, 2017
Question.  I am getting push back from a resident in our Park who says that I cannot enforce Section 8 in MHCO Form No 11 (Ten Day Notice of Intent to Sell Manufactured Home) relating to the...

Mark Busch Q&A

January 23, 2017
  Question:  I own a decent-sized RV park with quite a few long-term tenants living there, but with also a few seasonal guests and overnighters.  I have one tenant in...

Property Management

March 28, 2017
  “Management is the responsibility for and control of a company.” What can park owners do to be better management leaders?   Don’t you agree that our business has become more...

Community Updates

March 8, 2017

By Zach Koucos

Director, Holliday, Fenoglio, Fowler (HFF)

The second half of 2016 and early 2017 signaled a great...

February 27, 2017

We are now into the fifth week of the...

February 15, 2017

By: Arthur Grebow, founding partner of Grebow and Rubin,

There is an old Chinese curse which says: “...

Mark L. Busch

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