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Phil Querin Q&A

Question.  I have a tenant requesting a reasonable accommodation for a ramp. On the MHCO From 15 (Reasonable Accommodation Request), is says the tenant is responsible for the costs and removal for a modification unless required by law. Is it required by…
Question: We have a resident who has expressed displeasure over finding political  & religious pamphlets, etc., left in the clubhouse.  Not wanting to cater to the complaining resident, but also not wanting to offend others or place…

Mark Busch Q&A

  Question:  Our county has entered Phase 2 of the reopening procedures for COVID-19.  While we have kept the park restrooms, showers and laundry room open during the state-wide shutdown, we have kept other park facilities closed. …
    Question:  We have residents in our RV park who seem to be blatantly violating the governor’s COVID-19 emergency stay-at-home order.  Some residents have outside family members or guests come by regularly, while a few other…

Property Management

Question: We were awarded a stipulated payment agreement  prior to the moratorium going into effect. The resident has defaulted on their agreement but has tried to make partial payments. If the courts were open, we could file a notice of noncompliance…
You just found out that a resident tested positive for COVID-19. You can’t get into fair housing trouble if you notify all the residents on her floor about it so they can take extra precautions to avoid exposure. True or false?

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Community Updates

June 30, 2020
  Effective June 26, 2020, during its Special Session, the Oregon Legislature passed HB 4213 (the “Bill”). The purpose of the Bill was largely to extend, and expand upon, the Governor’s…
June 28, 2020
  Editor’s Note: On Friday, June 26ththe Oregon Legislature concluded it’s First Special Session of 2020. Unfortunately, political hostilities between landlords/community owners and the…
June 18, 2020
  The Justice Department announced that the owners and property managers of a 15-unit apartment community have agreed to pay $40,000 to settle allegations that they failed to stop disability-…
June 8, 2020
The owners and managers of a Midwest community recently agreed to pay $35,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by the Justice Department, alleging that they violated fair housing law by placing undue…
June 2, 2020
  By Phil Querin and Bill Miner   Now that most Oregon counties are gradually permitting the opening of certain businesses, it’s time to think about manufactured housing communities,…

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