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Phil Querin Q&A

Question:  I am confused on the use of rules violation notices.  Do I use a 20-day notice or 30-day notice?  Does the “three strikes law” apply?        

Mark Busch Q&A

  Question:  We had a month-to-month RV tenant vacate shortly after she paid her monthly rent, and she is now demanding a refund of “unused” rent from the vacate date forward. Do we have to refund that rent?

Property Management

Eleanor sat down after making a presentation for adding fifty additional mobile home sites to the Whispering Maples Mobile Home Community she managed. Several people in the city council chambers stood up and applauded. As Eleanor waited for the roll call vote…

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Community Updates

February 14, 2020
  In this article, MHCO tackles a challenging problem: resident hoarding. In multifamily housing communities, extreme cases of hoarding can pose…
February 10, 2020
City of Portland Rental Housing Hoops   In 2018, the City of Portland enacted a Residential Rental Registration Program, Ordinance No. 189086. Its goal was…
February 4, 2020
10 Essential Rules for Avoiding Fair Housing Trouble This month, we highlight 10 essential rules to help you to comply with fair housing law. Housing discrimination…

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