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Phil Querin Article: SB599 – Family Child Care Home

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Senate Bill 599 sets out an entirely new section of the ORLTA allowing tenants to use their dwellings as “family child care homes.” A landlord may not prohibit the use provided that the tenant has obtained the proper certification under ORS 329A.280 or ORS 329A.330, and has provided notice to the landlord of the tenant’s intent to operate a child care home.


Modifications. A landlord is permitted to require the tenant to pay in advance for costs of modifications necessary or desirable for the tenant’s use, certification or registration of the dwelling as a family child care home, even if it is not required of the landlord under ORS 90.320 or the rental agreement.


Prohibitions. A landlord may prohibit use as a family child care home if it will violate zoning restrictions or an association’s governing documents. Likewise, a landlord may prohibit any use which is not allowed under the rules of the Early Learning Council, the regulating body for in-home child care facilities.


Liability Protection. Family child care homes are not required to carry liability insurance unless the landlord specifically requires it. The landlord may require that the tenant running the child care home provide protection for the landlord, property owner or the association in the following manner:

  • If uninsured: Child care provider must require that parents sign a document acknowledging that the landlord, owner and/or association is not responsible for harm to children or guests connected to the family child care home. This document also must acknowledge that the family child care home does not carry liability insurance for losses to their children or guests.
  • If insured: Landlord may require that the child care home carry a reasonable surety bond or liability policy (in addition to renters insurance under ORS 90.222) covering the children and guests. The policy must provide coverage for injuries sustained related to negligence of the tenant or tenant’s employees, and the policy must name the landlord, property owner, or association as an additional insured.


Housing for Older Persons. The tenant may not operate a family child care home if the dwelling in question qualifies as housing for older persons under ORS 659A.421.